regional surveyor network
Adjusters experts carry out survey inspections in all regions of Russia. Loss settlement is a priority area of the company’s activity.
File manager controls the execution of work in accordance with the regulated internal procedures of the company.
Quality system
Adjusters representatives work in every region of Russia, China and the Baltic countries.
Wide coverage
Our experts — graduated engineers and appraisers, industry technologists with loss adjustment experience.
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The team of appraisers has practical experience in assessing the market value of all types of movable property, industrial assets and cargo since 2003. Estimated technical reports are used in the calculation of property losses, repair cost audits, and salvage disposal.

Our appraisers are members of the Commonwealth of Appraisal Professionals. As appraisers of specialized assets, the company is accredited by leading banks and leasing companies of the Russian Federation.
  • Appraisal of the market value of goods, property, industrial assets

  • Assessment of value claims in default situations

  • Express valuation
Our main target as Adjusters — to come to an agreement of all participants involved in the loss, to control the amount and procedures of payment of insurance reimbursement, to achieve a final out — of — court settlement of the dispute.

Independent adjustment and objectively determining the liability of the parties is a key factor in the distribution of losses, regardless of the terms of insurance coverage.
  • Cargo inspections

  • Container inspections

  • Technical transport inspections

  • Inspections of railway vehicles

  • Warehouse inspections

  • Pre-insurance risk inspections
  • Settlement of property losses

  • Calculation and distribution of losses under policy

  • Consultancy on minimizing losses, salvage sales of damaged assets

  • Analysis of the losses cause and comprising them with the Insurance policy conditions
Survey includes inspection of damaged property, collection of information, compilation and preparation of necessary documents for further work on settlement and minimization of losses.

According to the company’s procedures, we confirm the possibility of carrying out the work and give a quotation within an hour since receiving the application. Our regional engineers conduct inspections in all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.
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